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We want your experience with ELA to be a positive one – from our first meeting to long after we've gone. That means you should always know where you stand and what you can expect from us.

With an ELA warranty you can feel confident that we'll do our best work on every job and we'll stand behind the workmanship and materials. You’ll find all the warranty coverage details below.

ELA Outdoor Living

Plant Material Warranty

  • ELA provides a one (1) year limited warranty on woody tree and shrub material planted by our company. The warranty provides a one (1) time replacement of the plant made in any claim. Additional replacements beyond the one-time, approved replacement are the financial responsibility of the client.

  • This warranty does not cover plants that do not survive due to failure to provide normally accepted horticultural care and maintenance, including lack of watering or irrigation on the part of the client. ELA will provide the client with written plant care & watering instructions, but it is the responsibility of the client to maintain a proper watering regime and care after planting is complete.  

  • No warranty coverage is offered for herbaceous shrubs, perennials, ornamental grasses, or annuals.

  • No warranty coverage is offered on plants damaged by weather, animal grazing or rubbing, or acts of vandalism

  • Plant material purchased through ELA, but installed by the client or an outside contractor, is not covered under any warranty.

  • The client understands the inherent risk of failure when transplanting established plant material. ELA will transplant existing plant material to the best of our ability, but transplanted plant material is not covered under any warranty. 

  • Due to their fragility in severe winter weather conditions or susceptibility to insect/fungal damage, all Crape Myrtle, Southern Magnolia, Skip Laurel, Cherry Laurel, Rhododendron, and Roses are exempt from warranty coverage.

  • Lawn restoration (seed and/or sod) will be completed, as required, to bring the project area back to an acceptable condition after a project is completed. ELA will provide the client with written lawn care instructions, but it is the responsibility of the client to maintain a proper watering regime and care after restoration is complete. Lawn restoration efforts performed by ELA carry no warranty or guarantee of a completely restored, lush grass lawn after project completion. Client is financially responsible for additional lawn restoration efforts after project completion. Seeding or sod restorations will not be completed November 15th – April 1st.

Hardscape/Workmanship Warranty

  • ELA provides a two (2) year workmanship warranty on hardscaping installations, including patios, decks, walls, steps, fireplaces/firepits, pavilions, pergolas, and landscape lighting.

  • All construction, including pavilions, pergolas, decks, and home extensions, are inspected thoroughly throughout construction by certified township officials or third-party firms.

  • Warranty coverage includes construction deficiencies such as settling or sinking patios/walkways/steps, loose steps or railings, concrete failure, or wiring/electrical connectivity failures.

  • Wear and tear from daily use, including but not limited to, chipped stonework, deck boards, or pavers, cracked plastic finishes, stains from grease, oils, or beverages, replacement bulbs, sun/weather bleaching, or scratching is not covered under any warranty coverage. 

Bluestone & Concrete Paver Project Warranty

  • Bluestone is a natural product that is quarried from the earth to be used for patios, walkways, and steps. Color and texture variations are to be expected with this product. 

  • Bluestone pieces are selected and shipped to be as consistent in color and shade as possible, however, there is an inherent risk of slight differentiation in coloring and shade from piece to piece due to its inherent natural sourcing. 

  • Natural cleft bluestone pieces are mined directly from the vein of the stone and have a textured surface with high and low points that look rustic with varying colors. Due to the presentation of natural cleft bluestone, there is an inherent risk of inconsistencies with color, shade, and texture of the individual bluestone pieces. Natural cleft bluestone patios could have raised or elevated sections within a paver and might not match up exactly with the piece directly next to it. 

  • Thermal bluestone finish has a sandpaper texture. This style of bluestone paver has more consistent thickness and dimensional shapes to it. 

  • Natural stone, as well as concrete pavers, have salts within the makeup of the paver. Over the first several years after installation, these salts make their way to the surface of the paver through water within the pavers. Once that water evaporates, the salts are left behind, creating a white film over the paver’s surface. This process is called efflorescence, or the natural withdrawal of salts/water from the interior of the paver. This is a natural and unpreventable process that may occur within the first several years after a patio is installed. Once all the salts are removed from the interior of the paver and washed away by rain & snow (which can take 1-3 years), the process ends and the pavers will no longer have the white film on their surfaces. 

  • Commercially sold efflorescence treatment plans are available to remove the salts and their film during this process, however, application of treatments or any staining/discoloration as a result of application will not be the responsibility of ELA and is not covered under any hardscape warranty. 

  • Bluestone can have iron ore deposits and natural mineral imperfections. This is accepted as standard production. Special selections of stones and/or removal & reinstallation are subject to additional charges by ELA. Client acknowledges this conditional occurrence and agrees to accept variations and/or additional charges to rectify. 

  • It is suggested that clients expecting consistent color and finish select a manufactured product and not a natural product for their hardscape installation.

  • Clients of ELA who contractually agree to a hardscaping installation that uses bluestone or concrete pavers acknowledges and understands these inherent risks associated with that type of project. The client agrees to not hold ELA accountable or financially responsible for the replacement or correction of any pavers or sections of a project due to their dissatisfaction with inconsistencies in coloring, shade, texture or active efflorescence of these materials. ELA will replace any pieces that a client is unhappy with, but additional material and labor charges associated with replacement will be the financial responsibility of the client. 

  • ELA will offer the upgraded service of protective sealing of patios, walkways, and steps constructed with bluestone and concrete pavers, however, there is an inherent risk of slight color and tone changes after the sealant is applied. Client agrees to not hold ELA responsible for the correction of any color changes after sealant is applied.

  • Bluestone and concrete pavers are porous materials with microscopic holes. Due to this natural structure, unsealed bluestone and concrete paver patios, walkways, and steps have an inherent risk of permanent staining from accidental spillage or splattering of grease, oils, or beverages. Sealing of patios, walkways, or steps intends to fill in those microscopic holes and prevents permanent damage to the surface – as long as the spill or splattering is cleaned up immediately with soap and water. Client understands this inherent risk associated with unsealed bluestone or concrete paver patios and agrees to not hold ELA accountable or financially responsible for the replacement of damaged pavers on an unsealed patio. 

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