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Paved Stone Entryway

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Naturally, you'll want to start at the beginning: invite your guests in with a grand entrance.

A well-designed stone path can add curb appeal to your home’s front yard

Natural stone creates a harmonious outdoor design that evokes an earthy feel to the entry and can bring visual and literal weight to any landscape design.

Because stone comes in so many colors and forms, any home is ready for this upgrade. Starting with paving stones that complement the exterior colors of your home, the base of the walkway from the parking area to the front entry can set the stage.

When Keith Frederick, CEO and President of ELA was asked why use natural stone when designing a front walk, he said “Stone entries are extremely strong and long lasting. Natural stone stands up well to all of the elements and heavy foot traffic. You will never have to worry about rain or high winds damaging your walkways.

Pretty walkways of natural stone pavers with low level lighting can give you the opportunity to enjoy your front yard in the daytime and at nighttime. Steps are no problem because there are curved edge stones to lend a finished look to the steps and the nearby tiered retaining wall as a transition. With a gorgeous retaining wall composed of the same stone, you can plant your favorite flowers to greet your guests with a bursting bloom of color.

ELA has the stone choices to transform your outdoor spaces. Expert craftsmanship, a dedication to perfection, and personalized customer service can be exactly what you need to build the perfect natural stone space that you can enjoy for many years to come.

For inspiration, browse through ELA’s new website. Our gallery shares beautiful stone patio ideas for a variety of front yard designs.

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